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under pressure pg&e reveals a new problem in its pipes as vic tichlz -- family of that explosion demands answers. it's quite horrifying to realize that somebody you never heard of knows all this stuff about you. >> following your every cyber step. who it is on your on-line trail and why it's so important for you to find out. first -- >> i didn't think i would be able to make it because i'm hurting too much. >> the san bruno blast killed jessica morales. tonight friends and family
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gathered around to say goodbye as they become outraged. they don't want to let out information because of terrorists? come on. >> eight days after the crestmoor neighborhood erupted into an inferno, we still know very little about what triggered that blast. but tonight a critical word has emerg emerged: corrosion. corrosion could have weakened the gas line. now they're demanding pg&e turn over a list of the state's most dangerous pipelines. monty francis is live in san bruno with more details for us. monty? >> reporter: jessica, some state lawmakers demanded pg&e turn over that list. we asked them for that list a week ago and today they put that
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request in writing. >> he is one of a handful of residents who lived near the explosion site in san bruno, who said he smelled gas in the days and weeks before the blast. he is incensed that pg&e are holding a list of the most as a rule -- vulnerable sites in the city. >> you don't have to live life like that. >> they asked pg&e to turn over the list as early as last friday but were told releasing the information would pose a threat to national security. >> i think the people and the residents have a right to know as to where these pipes are so they can make a conscious decision, should i live here? >> it'sly di ridiculous to say
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don't want to give out information because of terrorism? come on now. >> they're keeping the ninfoatiof oseho tf pest tha are conderedsihe most trisky. public documentsave already revealed four of e most os vulnerable pipelineli line 13he2, t one invnnv id i last week's explioos lineio 131 that runs fro t s fouth b u up to the delta, 107 to livermore and 108 to sacramento. meanwhile, pg&e admitted a mixture of water and oil was corroding the metal in the pipeline that erupted in san bruno. >> corrosion can causey ro erod of metal pipes and that's something we continually search for. >> but pg&e says they're not sure corrosion is what caused the pipes to fail. and now whether pg&e will turn over that list, i am told the
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company has received the letter and they are now working on a response. there was no word on when that response would come. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope it's a response that satisfies homeowners in san bruno. thank you, monty. it's been a week since that blast rocked the neighborhood, but it's disbelief leaving family and friends behind. today they gathered for a private vigil for betty. it was hard enough to come to terms with her death, let alone say goodbye. george spoke to some of the mourners. >> reporters said family wanted to keep this private, but afterwards we talked to several friends of jessica morales who are still asking the question, why? >> i feel like i just lost my own daughter. i'm really going to miss her. >> they say their hearts are
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crushed. they joined dozens of family and friends to remember 21-year-old jessica morales. z >> it's a shame to see someone so young gone and to be talking about her in past tense when i only seen her an hour and a half before she died. >> morales died when a gas pipeline exploded near her boyfriend's home in san bruno last thursday. the heat and smoke were just too much. >> i can't let go yet. i'm not ready. i know a lot of people say you have to let go, but i'm not ready yet. i can't. >> friends and family shared in stories of jessica. >> her smile. >> whenever you were down, she brought you right back up. >> they say remembering her is tough. one minute they're happy, the next they're fighting back the tears. >> we're all smiling when we remember her beautiful smile, but crying when you think of her young age and that she's gone now and she never got to finish
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what she wanted to do with her life. >> now, jessica morales's funeral will be tomorrow night at 7:00 at church of the highlands in san bruno. >> that san bruno neighborhood rocked by the explosion remains rattled. crestmoor elementary school was evacuated this morning after someone reported smelling gas. even though pg&e couldn't find a leak, students and staff were sent home just in case. >> you hear any noise and you jump. something fell on my porch the other day, i went about that far up. >> it turns out the school's heater was turned on for the first time, and that may have caused that smell of gas. crestmoor is the second school to have such a scare in the last 24 hours. >> aside from continued mourning, what's next for the san bruno community? on sunday nine bands will play an outdoor concert at san bruno high school. all proceeds will go to families
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of the victims. crews could start clearing those 37 homes destroyed as soon as thursday. they are concerned about potentially dangerous metals and asbestos in those burned-out homes. the teen at the wheel of that deadly car crash has been arrested for drunk driving and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. police say five high school teens were in this bmw right before noon today when the car spun out in front of a tractor-trailer that was hauling cattle. one teenager sitting in the back of the car died instantly. three others were seriously hurt. police say they found beer cans in the car. now, the driver of the trailer wasn't seriously injured. witnesses say he ran to help the teens immediately after that crash. a santa clara man is behind bars. police say he's a serial bank robber. he's accused of at least five hold-ups. he's responsible for a string of
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armed robberies in santa clara and mountain view. shearah shourd is about to enjoy her first week of freedom in over a year. shane bauer and josh fattal are not getting out any time soon. they said there is no plans to release the other men. the u.n. issued a challenge to the iranian president to bring the two men to new york when they attend the general assembly next week. shourd is also expected to travel to new york this weekend when she and her mother will speak to the media on sunday. all three grads were jailed on spying charges last year. it's going to be a rough week ahead. jeff joins us now on when and where. jeff? >> we'rein trackg the rain offshore. right now the rain is dry across
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the bay area, but you can see on the left-hand side of your screen, a few showers starting to edge themselves closer to california as this storm is about 360 miles offshore at this point. it slowly enters the bay area as we head into saturday, so that will introduce showers into saturday. looks to stay dry here with cloud cover building by 10:00 a.m. temperatures only expected to be in the mid-60s. coming up, we'll have your rain time ahead and give you full details. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, looking for a job? the top five industries hiring right now in california. >> i think most people have no idea this is happening. and when you show them evidence of the information that has been collected about them, their jaws drop. >> who is following you on line and trading your personal information and why you should care about the data that is being collected. >> and then fighting for
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a peruvian prison plea from natalee holloway's mother. beth twitty met with joran van der sloot for a few minutes at the prison in which he's being held. twitty told van der sloot she had no hate in her heart for him, ask then asked him what happened to natalee. he responded by handing her the business card of his attorney. van der sloot is the main suspect in holloway's disappearance in 2005 in aruba but he's never been convicted of that crime. two men pedalled into san jose. they are on a 300-mile journey to raise awareness of predatory crimes. smart is the father ofie liz bit smart who was kidnapped when she was just 14 years old and
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sexually abused for months before she was found. his daughters were kidnapped in 1988, raped and left to die. they say it's a wake-up call to all parents. >> i think we tend to think these things won't happen to us, and then when they do, you're just overwhelmed and you can't believe it. the message we're trying to get out is don't wait until the next tragedy happens. take time, find out what you can do, how you can empower your children. >> the two fathers say teachers and parents can empower their children by teaching them how to recognize, avoid and even escape dangerous situations. well, your age, your income, how many kids you have? you may not realize it, but your personal information is being collected and traded on line with every keystroke. tonight, who is pro filing you? gavin thomas shows you how every
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cyber step is tracked and how you should know who is following you. >> reporter: you would never know it looking at colin divine, se searching the necessity, that he just moved here to the bay area. you wouldn't know it, but a company does. that same company also knows colin's hobby is fly fishing and that he's been thinking about buying some jewelry. >> jewelry down here? >> yeah, have you bought jewelry? >> yeah. >> they also know greg, two tables over, likes honda motorcycles as well as a thing or two about jessica usefe. >> in the market for a video game? >> yes. >> bluki, for the record s just one company among many in the growing business of tracking what you buy, what you search
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for and simply what you look at on line. the information is then packaged up and auctioned off to internet advertisers looking to better target their ads. meaning if colin divine happens to be looking at jewelry one day and a jewelry ad pops up a day later, it is likely not a coincidence. >> kind of weird to have information out there of what i'm looking at on my computer. >> how does a company like bluki get this information? just by visiting the 50 most popular web sites, more than 30,000 pieces of tracking technology are downloaded onto a user's computer. some of it simple, some of it very complex, almost all of it without the user's knowledge. >> it's very unusual to find sites that don't have this kind of tracking technology embedded
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in them. >> i think most people have no idea this is happening. and when you show them evidence of the information that has been collected about them, their jaws drop. it's quite horrifying to realize that someone you've never heard of knows all this stuff about you. >> well, not about you exactly. about your computer. the data collection industry is quick to point out all this information is tied to an identifying number, not a name. what's more, they say, there is a net benefit to all this data collection, namely ads on your computer you might actually care about. >> the mainstream use of tracking on the internet support the experience that consumers want to have. the consumer would not have as rich an experience without them. >> but privacy advocates have serious concerns that there is little information about how long it's held or who is buying
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or selling it. what if one day it ends up in the hands of a boss, a spouse or an insurance company. >> the possibility those things might happen freaks people out, and i think with good reason. >> which is why the electronic frontier organization is asking the government to step in and protect the internet user so that companies who already know an awful lot about you don't learn more. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you're having trouble finding a job, maybe you're looking in the wrong place. these five fields have actually added jobs in california over the past year. education services, health services, mining, logging and professional business services. that's the best news on a day when californians learned that the state cut 33,000 jobs last month, sending the unemployment rate up to 12.4%. meteorologist chuck is out
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doing a chef's job. >> yeah, we were out there to kind of kick off the lafayette wine festival. one of your favorite places. >> my favorite restaurant. >> it is delicious there, and it's happening this saturday and sunday, and even if we do get into the showers as we head into sunday, it's still going to be a lot of fun out there. right now we're looking at the radar. a few showers entering the dry radar on the edge of your screen and petitiothat's important as into friday and saturday's forecast. a lot of drizzle throughout san francisco today because of all that fog and low clouds have already moved inland with 62 livermore and 65 durnl currentl san jose. the best chance of showers will be in north bay with 70s inland, but the biggest potential here for widespread showers for everyone will be on sunday.
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now, we had the cloud cover offshore. the beginnings of this frontal system really start to go get its act together as you can see it looming up in this last loop right there, really expanding out, and that is currently where some of these showers are located, about 300 miles offshore. as this area of low pressure continues to get closer, that will bring a chance of showers here for saturday and sunday. for saturday specifically, once again it's mainly the north bay for the best chance of showers on sunday, chance of scattered showers for the entire bay area down to the south bay. let's get you into the timing here. 7:00 a.m., we're dry for the entire viewing area. then as we head into saturday night at 9:00 p.m., only a slight chance of showers for the north bay. it's going to be in the early morning hours of sunday, and by sunday p.m. that we'll see this chance of showers for the bay area where we could see anywhere from a tenth of an inch right around to quarter of an inch. the computer model is picking up
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most accumulations in the east bay. not much expected for the north or south bay at this point. if you want to stay dry, it looks like the south bay will be your best bet at this point for your weekend. by 10:00 a.m., partly cloudy, clouds lingering, and most temperatures near 60 degrees for your saturday morning. all right, saturday's numbers, they're like this. below average, clouds building throughout the day as that front gets closer. 75 in san jose, 73 in fremont. for the peninsula, upper 60s and low 70s. as we head into oakland and our midland spots, low 70s in the north bay where our best chance of showers will be for saturday. once again, widespread scattered showers for everyone, at least the possibility of it on sunday. then we clear out and warm up as fall starts on wednesday. >> thanks, chujeff.
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okay. ever wanted to raise 14 kids? you may be about to pick up the tab for the octomom brood. 14 kids and no job is adding up to homelessness and welfare for
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suleman. she is now considering going on welfare despite fer vent promises never to take public assistance again. it could be back to jail for lindsay lohan. the actress admitted tonight on her twitter page that she failed a court-ordered drug test. she was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail for a drupg driving case. she only served two weeks and submitted to random drug testing. lohan also tweeted that she is ready to accept the consequences. it's been an interesting ride for the giants, certainly. if only we could save some of those runs from last night to tonight. the cal bears had no trouble scoring point so far this sp. tonight in nevada, though, they're doing a much better job helping the other team run up the score. we've got highlights next in sports. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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a[ maand the 60-day handshake lives on, it's ram truck season. that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up. it's a promise that says go ahead and buy a ram 1500 or a heavy duty without a payment for 60 days. and if it doesn't do everything you ask it to do... bring it back. ram. sometimes it did look a whole lot like a roller coaster ride. just ask the dodgers. they exploded last night with
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ten hits and a first-place game lead. tonight, not so much. the rookie allowed just two runs, but that was two runs too many. they went on for prince fielder. the left center bruins attack right away. this is going to score ryan braun. makes it 1-0 brewers. grounded back to the pitcher. he throws it away. that makes it 3-0. things not going so well tonight for the giants. aubrey wolf is their last chance. wolf frgs the three-hit shutout. 3-0, the brewers get the win. the padres, however, also lose, the brewers gaining that half-time lead. oakland could still play
11:29 pm
spoiler this weekend against the twins because minnesota is in a tight battle for the best record in the merp league, and that means home field advantage. trying to cool off the hottest team in baseball since the all star break. bottom four, anderson dialed in. anderson six and two-thirds. jack cusp giving him a little breathing room. they make it 101. they get to win 3-1. two times, two times scoring 52 points, two wins and now one national ranking. the cal bears started the season strong, but what would happen once they hit the road and a little more challenging opponent? last night, we found out. the cal bears faced the wolfpack which had no problem racking up the points. shane was doing a lot of running
11:30 pm
tonight. already a 50-yard tv run. how about this little jog for 50 yards more? the bears now down by three. they're on the move trying to close the gap even more. kevin riley is in the air, but he gets picked off by marvin dawson. riley had three interceptions. 52-31. there will also be plenty of emotion in this one. he lost a heartbreaker last year to the demon deacons and tomorrow night they'll get what they call payback. they're up for the challenge. >> it's 18-0 and we know it's going to be a fight ask we'nd w
11:31 pm
looking forward to saturday night. joe torres, he's had enough. what is next for the dodgers? we've got the answer. stick around. jo[ gging ] [ breathing heavily ] whoa! le[ ma[ ouomnc ]eserim et ma you just don't see it comin. that's why we have some of the largest doctor networks in california. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ]
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it probably wasn't last night's grubing by the giants that did the trick but it was ju the latest in a pretty disappointing season for the dodgers, and it turns out it's going to be his last in blue. today the dodgers skipper noupsnoup announced he would step down at the end of this season. he spent three years at the helm, took them to championship, and he's retiring. the biggest question now, is he actually retiring? when will we see him back? at some point. >> probably. have a great weekend. bye bye.

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